Action Tank for strategic matters

Instituto Choiseul para la Política Internacional y Geoeconomía is an independent research center dedicated to the analysis of main issues regarding international politics. Its actions are focused on the defense of Spain’s economic scope and on the strategy and promotion of its top actors.

La vocación del Instituto Choiseul

The acceleration of the globalization process initiated in the early 90s favored the emergence of geoeconomy in the United States as the comprehensive method of the international structure.  The eruption of financial and commercial problems in the nations’ agendas redrew the strategic balances and produced new politics for power.  Gathered around Pascal Lorot, a French ensemble (Nicolas Baverez, Jaen-Philippe Cotis, Jean-François Daguzan, Yves Lacoste, Jean-Christophe Rufin or François Thual) launches in 1997 the magazine Géoéconomie.  As a follow-up to this intellectual adventure,  Instituto Choiseul is created.


In face of the evolution of the environments marked by an extension of phenomenal complexities, and thanks to the emergence of communications technologies, the Institute arranges itself to become a place where action prolongs the reflection without substituting research, both the essential and the applied one. Through strength of interrogation and analysis, but especially strength of proposal and action, Instituto Choiseul distinguishes itself for its vocation in exerting a certain influence over its decision making process, preserving its identity: "the production of knowledge to benefit general interest".

The ambition of an action tank such as Instituto Choiseul is to create spaces for dialogue in the dilemma between the political world and the institutional one, between the world of economics and the world of ideas, and fertilize the debates on strategic predicaments.  As well as a privileged link and member of public powers and French and Spanish companies, the Institute continuously foments the decisions of the political and economic actors to maintain and increase Spain’s presence in the European and international institutions.  Its intervention boundary is international and multi-sectorial.

The values defended by Instituto Choiseul are framed within individual responsibility, democratic values, free enterprise and the protection of national and European interests, keeping in mind the fundamental role played by the Governments and public institutions in the heart of the European Union; to which we add essential activities of the private sector and civil society, vital in the formulation and analysis of public politics and international relations in the world’s global framework of the 21st century.

Instituto Choiseul España is the branch of Choiseul for Spain, Latin America and the United States who, with their own view of the Hispanic and global world, complement the Institute’s activities from this perspective.

Choiseul España counts among its founding members with people of prestigious recognition and ample international experience in a variety of responsibilities.  This allows the Institute to focus its activities from a global standpoint, so much in economic aspects as in political and cultural.  The Editing Committee in charge of the publication of the Geoeconomía and Seguridad Global magazines also counts with a group of relevant people, allowing the implementation of new views of global problems from a Hispanic perspective.