Knowledge at the service of influence

Instituto Choiseul España is an action tank with headquarters in Madrid. Focused on the research network to gather abilities and international experience wherever they are, the Institute is characterized by the diversity in its operations, donning it with a true liberty for action and to a self-criticism at its point of accomplishment.


The Club Choiseul

The Club Choiseul is a privileged meeting space for political and economic leaders, and experts in international and strategic matters. The Club’s members meet every month both at breakfast or dinner meetings with a relevant personality who better evaluates the globalization, its surroundings and its challenges. Club Choiseul is the Institute’s "laboratory for ideas".


Choiseul Editions

Choiseul Editions publishes the Institute’s works and that of authors of other research institutions.  This editing site covers vast cultural areas and important questions linked to international relations. Géoéconomie, Securité globale, Maghreb-Machrek, Problèmes d’Amériques latine, Politique américaine, Monde chinois and Nordiques constitute today what is most important in strategic issues in the French language.  Choiseul Editions also publishes special works and atlases.


Choiseul Comunication

Choiseul Communication is a service that answers to the strategic needs of the Institute’s members and collaborators.  It is based on the strategic definition of needs and the proposal of solutions through the production of audiovisuals, multi-format, TV and Internet, as well as the creation of long and short documentaries for general and theme television channels, and TV web.  Leaning on the Institute and its network of experts, the intervention field embraces the analysis of geoeconomic relations, the study of strategies of the top international and national actors, the evaluation of tendencies and phenomenon susceptible of constituting first order strategic breaks.  Special emphasis is given to competitive needs and strategy establishment, and to the according practical solutions.