Instituto Choiseul Boards of Directors and Council

The Board of Directors is the Institute’s administration. It is responsible for the development of the Institute’s general policies, together with the Strategic and Scientific Committees. It supervises the execution of feats and it verifies that they be inscribed within the associative frame and general interest expressed in the Institute’s decrees.


  • EduardoOlier

    Eduardo OLIER - President

    PhD  in Telecommunications Engineering, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

    Was staff member of the European Space Agency and has occupied a variety of executive positions in Repsol and the industrial group, BBVA.  For years was partner in Deloitte Consulting and President for Iberia.  He has been Executive Vice President of the Japanese company, NEC, for Iberia and Latin America.  Has been President of Bearing Point for Spain and Portugal and President of the human resources company, Korn Ferry International and member of its European Board.  Is presently member of various Boards of international companies and member of the think tank of the Cultural Board of the Mediterranean Board with headquarters in Paris

  • JulioLage

    Julio LAGE - Vice President

    Telecommunications Engineering degree and PhD in Computer Science, Univesidad Politécnica de Madrid, and Master in Information and Software Engineering.

    Top level executive since 1993 of the banking sector, as Deputy General Manager of Systems Technology of the Banco Español de Crédito and later General Manager in Banco Santander.  In 1998 started at La Caixa as Executive Director, managing areas such as technology, communications and information systems, and later took on the international and institutional relations areas.  Aside from the positions here mentioned, Lage has been Board Member of Banco Herrero, 4B, Visa España, Sermepa, Semp, CAIFOR (insurance agency) and a number of technology companies for Banesto and Banco Santander.  Likewise he has been President of the Electronic Certification Agency.  Presently, aside from his position as Board Member of S21 sec, Julio Lage is Vice President of the Asociación de Empresarios Gallegos in Madrid (Aegama) and of the Economic Cooperation Board, formed by large companies from Spain, France, Italy and Portugal.

  • AntonioRodriguez

    Antonio RODRÍGUEZ DE LUCIO - Vice President

    Economist and degreed in Business Science by University Complutense in Madrid.  Masters by Universidad de Deusto in Bilbao and Executive MBA by INSEAD.

    Until 2011 was Managing Partner at PWC, as well as MP responsible for energy.  Previous to his entry in PWC Antonio took on a variety of positions with great responsibility in Service and Information Technology companies, such as General Manager at Unisys Consulting, Partner at KPMG Consulting in the energy sector, General Manager of operations at EDS, GM at Digital Equipment Corporation.  Likewise he has been Chairman of the Quality Club and member of the Spanish Energy Club where he belonged and participated in different working teams.  He is member of the board of AFSMI (Association for the Services Management International), member of EFQM  (European Foundation for Quality Management) and has delivered a variety of presentations in different Forums.  Today he belongs to the Advisory Board of companies related to Energy and Knowledge Management.

  • CarlosCortes

    Carlos CORTÉS - Secretario

    Public Prosecutor.

    During a decade he occupied significant positions in public sector companies, such as Deputy Director to the Presidency in Renfe and Executive President in Mercasa.  After leaving the public sector, he was the General Secretary at Círculo de Empresarios, leaving in 1989 to found Neumann International in Spain, one of the first executive search firms in Europe.  During these years his link to the law focused on arbitration as he was member of the Arbitration Civil and Mercantile Court since it was founded.  He has also been in charge of the top management programs for the Advisory Committee of Instituto de Empresas.  Likewise he has been President of the Spanish Foundation of Shopping Centers and manager of Sociological Studies and Independent Foundations.

  • RosaGarcia

    Rosa GARCÍA - Member

    CEO Siemens. Degree in Mathematical Science.

    With more than 20 years experience in the Information Technology industry, Rosa has occupied top level positions in multinationals such as Microsoft and WordPerfect in Spain and NEC in Germany.  Due to her leadership abilities and in recognition to her professional career, she has been honored on numerous occasions with “executive woman” awards. She has also been mentioned in specialized magazines such as ComputerWorld and Computing. She is now Advisor of Banesto and BME, making her one of the women with most boards in IBEX companies in Spain.

  • RamonReyes

    Ramón REYES - Vocal

    Degree in Chemistry and PhD in Science, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

    Partner at Egon Zehnder International, global consulting firm and leader in the search and development of executive teams and government organisms.  Member of global practices of Health & Pharmacy, Technology/Industry & Energy.

  • OscarAlvarez

    Óscar ÁLVAREZ CALZADA - Member

    PhD in Economy (URJC), Degree in Political and Management Science (UPF).

    He has developed a long international career in Investment Promotion and Public Diplomacy as well as in postgraduate teaching in International Relations, Foreign Trade and Intelligence.  He has been a senior executive in a relevant Strategic Intelligence company and Vice Chairman of the Spanish Association of Competitive Intelligence.  He began at Agencia Catalana de Inversiones and later managed the Economic Intelligence Division at Invest in Spain, which belonged to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce.  Holds a diploma in Communication and Political Strategy from the Institute of Political and Social Sciences and is University Expert in Intelligence Services from the General University Institute General Gutiérrez Mellado.

  • FernandoVelasco

    Fernando VELASCO - Member

    PhD in Philosophy and Degree in Moral Sciences.

    Moral Philosophy Professor and Director of the Department of Intelligence and Democratic Systems of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.  Co-director of “Intelligence and Security: Analysis and Prospective Magazine” and author of a number of books and articles in specialized magazines.  He is also co-director of the Interuniversity Masters Program of Intelligence Analysts.

  • MarcoBonilla


    Marco BONILLA - Member

    Electric Engineer, MBA, University of Pennsylvania.

    With more than 34 years of professional experience, he is partner at Deloitte & Touche and executive in companies of Fortune 100.  Great experience in operations management and in a variety of industries and sectors.  Has participated in numerous start-ups in three continents as strategy advisory, investor, executive and founder.  His experience in executive management and consulting includes companies such as HP, Ericsson, ITT, Coca-Cola, Digital Equipment, etc…


  • AlbertoMartin

    Alberto MARTÍN DE LA TORRE - General Manager

    Industrial Engineer, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. MBA, Instituto de Empresa de Madrid.

    Initiated his career in the railroad industry with Alstom Transport where, among other activities, he supervised the Control Department. In 2004, he joined Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios as Project Manager where he focused on the High Velocity Figueras-Perpignan Railway.  In 2007 he moved to GE Transportation as Commercial Manager and Business Development Manager for the railway markets in Spain and Portugal.

  • AlesiaSlizhava

    Alesia SLIZHAVA - Corporate Development

    PhD in Political Science, Faculty of International Relations, State University of Byelorussia, Minsk.  Masters in Logistic Management, Séneca Institute in Madrid and Masters in International Cooperation in Europe, Universidad Carlos III (Madrid).

    Associate Professor in the Political Science and Administration Department at Universidad Complutense in Madrid.  Has carried out diverse roles of responsibility in projects financed by the European Union in such sectors as economy, international, social, cultural and government. Speaks Byelorussian, Russian, Spanish and English.

  • DianaRuiz

    Diana RUIZ - Programas

    Law Degree, La Salle University (Costa Rica). Diploma in Spanish Law for Foreign Jurists, University of Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Máster en Abogacía Internacional por ISDE, Madrid.  BA from American University’s School of Public Affairs in Washington D.C.

    Has worked as consultant and Legal Advisor at the Division on Investment and Enterprise at UNCTAD and as Directorate of Investment at the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica where she collaborated in the establishment of investment policy an dwith the implementation of Costa Rica’s international trade commitments before the WTO and CAFTA.  She was part of Costa Rica’s Negotiation team for the Association Agreement between Central America and the European Union.  She speaks fluent Spanish, English and French.

  • EdoardoGhignone

    Edoardo GHIGNONE - International Relations

    Degree in Public Administration and International Institutions.

    Has worked in the Commercial Department of the Italian Embassy in Argentina and in the European Commercial Development Department at Ford Motor Company. Since moving to Paris, he has been Cabinet Chief of the Economic Cooperation Council and is presently advisor to the Cultural Council L’Union pour la Méditerranée. He is presently undertaking a new venture with his new consulting business Easing Changes.

  • LaurieLeBlanc

    Laurie LEBLANC - Executive Secretary

    Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Broadcasting, Saint Joseph’s College in Maine, USA.

    Executive Assistant with extensive international experience both in the United States and Spain. Has worked in various sectors covering the medical world at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston; industrial, at Lanzagorta Walworth in Houston; electric, at Endesa in Madrid and executive search at Korn Ferry International, also in Madrid. Worked as Corporate Executive Secretary at Worldwide Network in Madrid, a National Geographic licensee company.

  • RamsiJazmati

    Ramsi JAZMATI - Deputy Director to the President

    Masters in Bioethics, University of Navarra; Masters in Management of Health Institutions (ESADE); PADIS from IESE Business School. In process of achieving his PhD from Instituto Empresa y Humanismo, University of Navarra.

    Professional with ample international experience in sectors related to medical assistance and rehabilitation.  Is presently Director of Arab-Spanish Center for Culture Research and High Education of Instituto Choiseul and carries out a variety of cultural and university activities, aimed mainly at Arab-Spanish cooperation and relations with institutions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Speaks Arab, English and Spanish.